Local Loyalty

21 August 2020
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Local Loyalty

Looking back…

You may have been wondering about this fact, or you may not.

Back when the biker clubs started in the U.S., in the 1940’s and 1950’s, Harleys were cheap, and parts were plentiful. A lot of disaffected WWII and Korean War ex-GI’s basically either bought or built their own bikes with Harley parts. This continued thru the 60’s and 70’s with discharged vets from the Vietnam War also.

The major belief back in the day was it was “un-American” to ride anything but the US made Harleys. This sentiment still stands today with some. Indian Motorcycles included in the mix as well.

Adding to this, the Japanese bikes were not liked at the time due to the memories recalled of the “enemy” status to the American G.I.’s

Why the heck am I writing about this you may ask?

Help Our Local Growers

I consider that we are currently at war with the unseen enemy, Covid-19. It is only seen when it infects and debilitates, as it is currently. When we come out of this “war” we need to become very parochial in our purchasing habits, not “un-Australian”. We need to strive to buy from our own makers, be they a local cottage industry or large manufacturer, but more specifically owned onshore……. OK New Zealand product is acceptable.

Of course, there is no need to go without just because an item that you want is not made here but, I ask you to try and seek another item close to the one that you search for that is. The problem is with food ingredients, sauces and marinades mainly. Go to any Asian Grocery and you find a myriad of bottles and jars with every flavour known to man. Ok maybe not every flavour but damn close. When I recall that fruit and vegetables were seasonal with the number one September delicacy being asparagus. We waited all year for this and when my mother produced the green stalks at dinner time, we knew that summer was just around the corner. Or the stone fruit season during Summer, I could go on but now, or just until recently, pandemic and all, we could get all of these items almost all year round. Strawberries and grapes from California, asparagus imported all year round from who knows where and the list goes on. It is time that we turn the clock back a little and start to buy most of our produce in the local season. This will create a sense of excitement and anticipation in the younger generations as they have always had a supply of all fresh items not having to wait for anything, the now generation. It will conjure up memories of the golden days when the produce availability hinged around the time of year to us a little older. We are blessed here to have this abundance of fresh food products. Every type of fruit and vegetable is pretty much grown somewhere in Australia. From the far north for all of the tropical and exotic species to Tasmania and Victoria for potatoes of every variety and cooking use.

Now is the time that our local producers and those “across the ditch” receive the assistance by us purchasing homegrown and as important they are given the recognition that their product is second to none. A small compliment from a stranger in the way of more sales is as good as a pat on the back and cuddle to say job well done. So what if it costs a little more, they need it ! You never know, the governments both State and Federal may even shift their subsidies to somehow making our produce on par if not cheaper than that of the often, inferior imported products.

We were once the envy of the world for being the proudest nation on earth in regards to our fresh, crisp local produce. Nowhere else could or for that matter can you buy the abundance of choice that feeds this nation. Let’s bring that honour back via the produce we choose for the recipes we cook.

When the war is over BUY AUSTRALIAN and support all involved. Don’t be UN-AUSTRALIAN.

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