Well, what do we “Hospo’s” do now?

Well, what do we “Hospo’s” do now?

Numbers spiked as soon as COVID-19 cases looked like easing

Well, what do we “Hospo’s” do now?….. make alternative plans and keep calm, I guess. What else should we do? Showing no political bias at all we were led to believe that the trading restrictions were to be lifted at midnight between the 21st and 22nd of June, 2020.

Having spoken to a couple of my café owner mates it seems dire. Just as the feeling of confidence was starting to filter through to all and a teenie, tiny light was seen at the end of a very long tunnel it all went to the “sheisen housen”. They and their staff had made plans in readiness for 50 bums on seats at one time, not 20 that had been mandated for the weeks preceding this much anticipated date.  New menus were formulated, extra staff had been added to the roster and the most upsetting part of this is food had been ordered in readiness. The good ones will use the food, albeit a little slower than expected.

As the Victorian numbers re Covid-19 keep going up, some would say due to a rise in the testing process, we need to plan. Plan for this horrible time ends, and it will end. We have been knocked around before, the G.F.C. is one. I understand that that time was not life-threatening but nonetheless it was debilitating to our lives and livelihoods.

I for one see the non-shopfront Hospitality businesses are the worst hit. Caterers large and small and council sanctioned cottage industry suppliers. I am in no way saying that any other fellow proprietors are doing it any easier, but they at least have a trickle of cash flow with take away and possibly even a small amount of seating to attempt to keep going.

With all of the Corporates told to stay home and work, for at least 6 more weeks, another arrow was shot at them, just missing the heart but wounding none the less.

Well, what do we “Hospo’s” do now?

We will pull the arrow out and heal.

We will re-group and assist each other until we don’t need assistance from anyone.

We are a tough and resilient group of mates that seem not to all fit in with each other but believe in each other for the greater good.

As Ghandi is quoted to have said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

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