Think about it…. are you YOU trade ready?

You have been offered or found a food premises that was a going concern before the COVID-19 lockdown, but could not re-open due to unforeseen reasons. One question needs to be answered before you buy/takeover this hopefully once in a lifetime find.

Why could this place not re-open?

  • Bad management?
  • Poor cashflow prior to shut down?
  • Site position?
  • Or just bad luck?

Tony Schindler Consulting is offering to site visit with a view to assist you in the decision.


  • Does the décor leave a little to be desired and is dated?
  • Is the equipment working and suitable for your new menu?
  • Do you just need advice on where to, from here?
  • Promoting a Gift Card? – the revenue from a gift card to help keep you afloat. Offer the same deal or a similar deal via social or email.
  • Look for opportunities – what can we do that should’ve been done before? e.g. Controlling costs, offering the customers what they want, not what you want.
  • Update/revamp the menu and widen your margins. Trim your menu down & take off those things that were not selling.
  • Can you better manage food costs? Accounting programs are a great start.
  • Update your hiring & training methods? Hire the right people, not because they “have the look”.
  • Update your training manuals and/or methods.

Those and many other queries that you have will be answered in our informative visit.

We can help

For a small fee, one of our representatives will meet with you, get answers to questions posed as to your ‘needs and wants’ as well as give you a written report on the findings. Future advice and ongoing meetings can be arranged and negotiated as to your specific needs.

We will be brutally honest as we are looking after your interests and most importantly your funds. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. So have a solid plan for when you reopen. Everything has changed so we have to be willing to change our mindset and accept that there’s going to be a new normal, whatever that normal is, if you have a plan and you’re flexible and adaptable, you’ll survive and you’ll also thrive.

Get in touch today!

Disclaimer: All information and advice given to you is formulated from many years as a Chef and Hospitality Professional and now Designer/Builder and are to be taken in good faith and to be correct at the time given.

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