Are you ready for ‘Normality’ to return?

Are you ready for ‘Normality’ to return?

That’s the question, are you ready for ‘Normality’ to return? We are all aware that one of the hardest-hit industries across the entire world during this pandemic is Hospitality. We are all able to remember another time that has put us under what we felt was the worst speed hump to our business but no-one ever saw this monster coming. How could we?

The catch cry at present is “pivoting” into another area of supply, be it a restaurant caring for the community or a corporate catering company becoming a ‘home meal supplier’ or it is time to upskill. Not all establishments will be able to ride the wave of insecurity or more importantly still the cessation of cash flow. Thus potentially closing now, losing well-trained staff, front and back of house, never to open again post virus.

I am using this period of isolation to look into myself and my business, to try to prepare for the upturn in fortune when we all can return to our ‘normal’ and start to trade as we had before. As a food service consultant, I am in the business of assisting new and existing ventures to maximise their potential by designing and fitting out bespoke premises, that will create a destination for customers to return again and again, thus generating their ‘regulars‘. My thoughts are that the pubs, clubs and cafes will have the Covid-19 restrictions eased first and be allowed to open, probably with some encumbrances, like social distancing and the like. Having said that, my tea leaves are not always correct, but I do enjoy drinking their steeped goodness. Yes we will be thinking differently about our hygiene practices, gone will be the days of near enough is clean enough or what the E.H.O. (Environmental Health Officer a.k.a the Health Inspector) does not see does not count. We will be more aware about sanitation, social distancing, our social graces and niceties hopefully instilled into us at an early age. This will all change.

How can we all prepare for the new ‘normal‘?

I for one am addressing my website, updating and modernising it, streamlining my internal quoting system and most importantly keeping in touch with my work contacts and colleagues to keep abreast of any updates or changes to our part of the Hospitality world so that I am ready for all to return to the original status quo or close to it. We all need to look towards the future, it will get better, businesses will re-open, possibly with an extra adjunct to them, home-delivered meals or a takeaway menu with signature dishes modified to suit the rigours of travel, keeping their integrity and original appeal to the diner.

Are you ready for ‘Normality’ to return? Be ready, now is the time to have a good look at your operation, albeit probably appearing to be in current hibernation. Don’t just get ready to open up as you just left off before the pestilence. As a well-known Aussie rules coach exclaimed many years ago, “Don’t just stand there – DO SOMETHING !!” If you can, financially or through passion, I recommend a redesign or renovation that has been begging for so long to be done.

Do it now!  Think ahead to the good times returning.

Do it now!  For as when you re-open your doors you won’t want to spend time with a designer and then need to close your premises for a period whilst the works go on.

And the final Do it now!  You will have a fresh business, with the familiar faces, both yours and the customer’s, enjoying the offerings in an environment that is more inviting than before. It will most probably be the kick in the pants that your beloved business, the one that you have sacrificed a great deal for needed.

Are you ready for ‘Normality’ to return? Let me know if I can help you get ready for your ‘NORMAL’ to return.

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