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Tony Schindler Consulting Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based, Food Service Design and Fit Out Company. We have a select team of dedicated designers and craftsmen focused on delivering the best commercial kitchens, front of house and cafes in Melbourne.

Lead by Tony Schindler, a licensed builder, qualified chef, restaurant manager and a key player within the hospitality industry for over 30 years. Tony’s insight into food retail is at the core of our business and allows us to understand the needs of our clients, their customers, and of course current food industry trends.



Our unique design insight is based on actual food service experience, coupled with a passion for innovative design, we understand how an efficient commercial kitchen and front of house need to operate.


At Tony Schindler Consulting Pty Ltd our Fit Out services are tailored to your specific project needs. Our highly skilled team will work closely with you to deliver the best fit out for your business needs.


Tony Schindler Consulting Pty Ltd builds the finest commercial kitchens, front of house and cafes in Melbourne. With over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, our team can build your project to the highest standard.


Tony Schindler Consulting will assist you to effectively plan and manage your new project – from concept through to key handover and even further.


Business Ready


Cafe Fit Out & Coffee Shop Design


A successful cafe design and Fit Out requires a clear understanding and careful planning. Cafe interior design in Melbourne must be delivered to the highest standards in order to survive the fierce competition. Tony Schindler Consulting Pty Ltd can design and build your cafe to meet this cutting-edge.


Your public face must be inviting, welcoming customers and ensure they leave happy and ready to recommend. A relaxing space, that is stress-free and not confusing is perfect, people want to move through your cafe, restaurant or bar with ease.


A functional kitchen is essential with a preparation area that supports the type of service you are providing. Storage must be maximised and readily accessible to limit downtime to your cafe operation.


Our Services

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


Food service business start-ups face many challenges in the early days. As a start-up, your business will not have any clients, brand equity, contacts, cash flow or even business cards!

Tony Schindler Consulting will assist you to weave your way through the start-up obstacle course.

Business Planning

Concept development comprises researching and documenting all aspects of a proposed business starting with the basic goods and/or services to be provided and continuing through every operational and financial aspect of the business.

Examples include:
• Business plan
• Menu design and recipe development
• Staff and management training
• Facilities design and construction
• Marketing
• Packaging and many other components

Independent Consulting

Tony Schindler has over 30 years experience working in the business in the actual positions that your staff and managers will be working in. Tony Schindler, will co-ordinate with your architect and contractor to ensure that the setup of your operation will flow and work well. The quality of work in a well designed operation is much higher than in a poorly designed one.Employees are happier and more at ease, this leads to higher employee retention and lower training costs. Think about it, premises that are designed need less staff and in turn save money, which gives you more profit on your bottom line.

Be aware, equipment suppliers offer free design assistance in return for purchasing all of the equipment from them. They work for themselves and do not always, or rarely, really have your interests at heart.

Tony Schindler Consulting is totally independent and will, as your consultant, tune the designs and drawings to their optimum efficiencies and flows. This of course is done along with all state and local health and OH&S regulations in mind.

Project Management

Tony Schindler Consulting will assist you to effectively plan and manage your new project – from concept through to key handover and even further.

• We will supervise all phases of your project, from skilfully reading your plans, discussing and advising architects, builders and all other contractors commissioned to complete the project.
• We are onsite (every day if required) overseeing each step to confirm all instructions that have been briefed and are on the working plans. Near enough is not good enough.
• We answer all sub-contractors questions. They may have queries arising from small omissions on the final plans.
• We are present onsite to receive and supervise the installation of all of the equipment.
• We also co-ordinate the commissioning and staff training in the operation of the equipment.

Correct Planning

“Store blindness” is the condition, not fatal, that beleaguers many food service operators. As the proprietor you are often too close to an operation. Simple or obvious solutions are often not found to what seem complicated problems. Patrons to any food operation want to remember the ambiance and service not just the menu and facilities.To gain happy customers and healthy profits, correct planning and efficient operations management must be performed. The observation of an independent, outside consultant can most often see right through to the cause of the problem and develop fast and effective solutions.

Tony Schindler Consulting can help your operation analyse your systems, develop and implement new management techniques to alleviate unnecessary work.

Experience Success

A successful food service establishment always has an inspiring menu that excites and tantalises the customers’ taste buds even before their meal is received. It is an expression of your own personality along with that of your staff. It shows the potential clientele that you understand their need and wants when it comes to their eating habits. Demographics, type of clientele aimed at and style of food on offer, all play an important role in this. A menu that is over or under priced can be the downfall of your dream. It cannot be long winded, mixed up or confusing, for this will definitely scare your customers away. A convoluted, messy menu will just make choosing a meal hard. Customers want to relax and enjoy the ambiance created just for them. Project development and implementation is a crucial factor in the ongoing promotion and constant updating of your establishment. It is all too often that businesses fall into the trap of complacency and just stay at the level of turnover that is comfortable for them. Seasonal or daily specials, themes and even a rotational promotion can bare fruit for the smallest or the largest of companies.We at Tony Schindler Consulting will create a menu and an ongoing promotions package specifically for you and your customer’s needs.

Training Programs

Let Tony Schindler Consulting develop training programs that work.

Programs that will be developed to your specific business needs include:
• Staff and management training
• Manuals and training materials and courses
• Quality and service assurance programs
• Safety and sanitation training programs
• HACCP programs and staff training
• Operations manuals

Finishing Touch

As a add on service, an interior designer can be commissioned to bring our layout design to life. Using the most modern of ideas, finishes and colours, your premises will be the talk and envy of all who visit.An interior designer does not need to blow your budget with hourly rates and fixed prices available to be arranged.

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